Top 10 Travel Gadgets for Adventurers

Over the past few decades travel has evolved pretty drastically. To think we used to set sail on grand ships to discover great new worlds, bracing the unknown. Nowadays we have the ability to book our entire trip on the bus ride over from the airport to the hostel.

Tech has brought us some pretty handy little gadgets to make our lives and adventures that much easier. So what should you be packing in your bag before your next adventure?

1. Powerbanks – Keep that power flowing

It may seem pretty obvious to some, but I am still amazed at how many people have not invested in one of these little lifesavers. Whether your phone is on its last legs as you are trying to navigate the streets of Dublin, or you have just scaled a sea stack, and need to grab that epic shot. Power banks, save lives. Don’t skimp on quality, the better ones will give your device at least x2 charges. They are compact enough to fit in a backpack, and will probably be the best travel gadget purchase you have made this year.

Solar Power Bank

2. Steady shots with a Gimbal

For the film and photography enthusiast, gimbals are a great way to ensure your filming is always stabilized and that you capture the best content. You can pick up some great handheld devices that will easily accommodate most smartphones.

3, Drown out unnecessary noise 

There is nothing more magical than falling asleep under the stars, with the sounds of nature as your lullaby. Until you are on an adventure holiday, hoping to be up bright and early, and Sam is sawing logs like a lumberjack. Not a problem, put on an ambient playlist and relax and let your noise cancelling headphones bring you back to your inner zen state. No matter what your travel style, I think a solid pair of headphones is as much as an investment as a good power bank.

Noise cancelling headphones

4. Space Savers

Not only do these handy compression cubes allow you to fit a lot more into your carry on backpack, but they are also great for adventure holidays. You can compartmentalize adventure clothing, swimwear, and evening wear and of course separate out those sweaty socks. Keeping all these items in their own cube makes grabbing those cycle shorts in a hurry that much easier.

5, Clean drinking water – On tap

 A problem we are all too familiar with, is the tap water safe? From the streets of Delhi to the brambling brook in the middle of the Irish countryside. Access to fresh and clean drinking water is a must to keep you going on any adventure. These filters use a UV light to ensure your water is safe and free of all the bad things. Each pen can clear up to 20 litres in a single charge. Check out the full product review here.

6. Let there be light

In my experience, a good headlamp is a travel essential. The latest and greatest in headlamps are touch-sensitive with a variety of options from ‘SOS’ to disco setting. All adjusted with a quick tap. Making your after-dark journeys that much easier and your camp fire parties, that much cooler.

7. Keeping the most important gadget dry

In this day and age, our phones have become our most important travel asset. They serve as our navigation, camera, Instagram updater, hostel booker, and occasionally we may even make a call. So it is important when planning for an adventure that you ensure your smartphone will be covered.  A lifeproof case is a must for any adventure seeker. It’s waterproof, and shock-resistant making it another travel essential.

8. Leatherman Tool Kit

I wouldn’t suggest carrying one of these around with you if you are planning a city escape, but when adventure travelling, no tool will be more useful than a Leatherman. This multi-tool has a knife, scissors, tweezers, bottle opener and so much more. It will be your most useful travel accessory without a doubt.

9. Hanging out – catching a snooze

Remember when your partner was snoring away under the stars? Well, you have the headphones on to drown out their grunts but there is one more item that will transform your sleep under the stars into a much more blissful experience. The hanging sleeping bag, like the name implies, is a mixture of sleeping bag and hammock. Its lightweight and can be folded into a small pack.

10. Keeping nice and toasty.

Especially when out and about on an adventure getaway, it is easy for socks to become damp, and feet to become cold. We all know from experience that this is not a great place to be in, so plan ahead. You can now purchase heated insoles.

So if you are trying to keep those tootsies toasty while catching some zzzz’s next to herself/himself, or you have an early morning hike, and your feet just need a little love to start the day. These remote-controlled insoles will keep your toes happy and warm.

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