Running while listening music

Pros & Cons of Listening Music While Running

Along with the healthy life trend, running is becoming more and more popular. Running is indeed an activity that boost your health index and gets you the amazing quick results, but sometimes can get really boring. Since the invention of Walkman, more runners are listening to music while running and claim this helps them improve results, stay focused longer and add more joy to this activity. According to a survey by Runner’s World, nowadays 61% of runners confirm they are listening to music while running and this helps them improve results.

Even if statistics show that most of the runners use headphones, some others still consider it sacrilege. According to the same survey, 27% say it’s dangerous when running on the roads and this is a popular debate since the beginning of the headphones era.

Based on many researches and expertise we have collected some of the pros and cons of running with headphones which should help you decide what’s best for you. Here are the 3 reasons you should want to get pair of WiFi Headphones for your next workout day and 3 arguments you should consider if you like the volume at max:

Pros 1


Motivation before running

Probably all runners have experienced at least once the “motivation drop” time. In such situations getting up and running is really hard, especially when you are training for that 10k goal you have been trying to reach over the last month. In such cases, music is something that really helps! Just grab your earbuds, your smartphone and hit your favourite playlist. You will feel the flow of power almost immediately.

Sports psychologists agree that music plays an important role in the motivational part of athletes training. The right song can get runners into their best mindset to tackle that dreaded training run.

Music elevates positive aspects of mood such as excitement and happiness, and reduces negative aspects such as tension, fatigue, and confusion,”

Costas Karageorghis, Ph.D., a sports psychologist

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The Journal of Strength and Conditioning made their own research that confirms this too – listening to your favourite music will help you get fired up and better prepare you for your next goal.

Tip: You should consider the type of the music while running. You don’t want the “Titanic” song when you start overtaking the hill. For optimal results take your time to create the perfect playlist that motivates you and gives you higher temp.

Pros 2

Helps you keep a consistent temp

Running with headphones

While some runners prefer running without headphones, because they want to focus more on their foot strikes and breathing techniques, some of those who listen music have found a better way to achieve this thanks to music.

If done the right way, music can significantly improve techniques. This is not just a thesis – in a study by PLOS One, when music beat matches runners cadence, they significantly improved their results compared with their previous results without music or different beat.

Scientists suggest fast beat music (120+ beats per minute) for high intensity workouts and slower for long training sessions like your weekend long run.

Bonus: The right song can actually reduce time to recover after a hard workout!

Tip: Try Spotify or Podrunner #running playlist to match your music to your pace.

Pros 3

Feels Much Easier

makes it easier to run

Whether you are training for a race or you are trying to get in shape for the summer it’s always hard to stay in track, so why not make it a little bit easier?

A study by Keele University in England proves that listening to your favorite music while running increases your sense of “being in the zone” and reduces exertion levels.

How it works: When stimulating your brain with positive activity as the music, the brain is actually blocking your internal stimuli like fatigue, which tells your body when you are tired for example in the middle of the run. When your perception of how exhausted you are is reduced, you feel you can exercise longer and faster.

Tip: For some extra motivation for your hardest workouts, boost the volume! Another study proves that when doing a strenuous cycling workout while listening music, people had a stronger turnover rate and produced much more power!

Cons 1

You can’t hear the surroundings


Safety is probably one of the main reasons not to use headphones while running. City streets are dangerous considering the distracted cyclists, drivers and even walers.

If you get deep inside your music while running, you won’t be able to hear most of the happening around you – cars, bad weather and people trying to communicate with you. Statistics shows that for the last year there were 3 000+ deaths caused by distracted drivers, so keep in mind when taking your earbuds on the next run.

If running on the road, you better leave the headphones or at least lower the volume and leave one of your ears with no music.

Tip: You can try out the WiFi Earphones which you can use without attaching to your ears. You will still be able to hear the music and won’t fall because of the magnets keep the buds attached each other.

Cons 2

Makes you dependant on music

Even if it’s proven music is a great asset to your training habits, sometimes you should go with no music. In some cases you might get too dependant on music and when the real race day comes, you might lose your pace and this might get you bad results.

Cons 3

You are missing the real running experience

Nowadays we are all distracted from electronics as they are everywhere – your smartphone, your PC, tablet, TV, etc. The original idea of running is to clear your head from all the everyday distractions.

Even if there are days you might need the extra motivational boost from your favorite music, sometimes it’s better being alone with your thoughts and nadute.

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