WIth the social media constantly taking over our everyday lives, selfies have and continue to be a daily routine session for many people. This can simply be explained as: One does one’s makeup, one finds the correct light, one continues by making a dozen selfies. It’s just like that. Unfortunately, trying to capture from the […]

5 tips to fully take advantage of your fitness tracker

So, you’ve finally got yourself a Fitness Tracker. Whether you have just looked into some of our best fitness trackers list or paid more attention when opting for your best Tracking App, instead, we salute your choice and congratulate you on taking the first step towards building a healthier lifestyle. Having such a device at […]

Running while listening music

Along with the healthy life trend, running is becoming more and more popular. Running is indeed an activity that boost your health index and gets you the amazing quick results, but sometimes can get really boring. Since the invention of Walkman, more runners are listening to music while running and claim this helps them improve […]