6 Tips for Pro Selfies That will Make your Instagram Followers Number Skyrocket

WIth the social media constantly taking over our everyday lives, selfies have and continue to be a daily routine session for many people. This can simply be explained as: One does one’s makeup, one finds the correct light, one continues by making a dozen selfies. It’s just like that. Unfortunately, trying to capture from the wrong angle will less likely put your pic on the Insta-worthy cut. To prevent such casualties, feel free to read through these simple tips for the best selfie ever.

1. Look Up Towards the Camera

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While looking face up towards the camera, slightly move your eyebrows upwards. This will enlarge your eyes and will create an appearance that will best match with a smile. Enough is to think of something that makes you laugh or smile. The smile is the best makeup, and this is what dazzles the most.

2. Extend Your Head Away From Your Neck

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This position will help create the look of a sharper jawline with a longer neck. If you push your shoulders down, you will also feel more relaxed.

3. Hold the Phone to the Side for a Perfect Angle

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Instead of holding it in front of you, you can create an ideal angle that will focus more on the appearance you wish to create. Hence, you will make a perfect selfie that will capture your ideal facial curves.

4. Relax Your Mouth, exhale, and Blow Some Air through Your Lips

Blowing air through your lips keeps your mouth from that tensional look. Whether you choose to keep it fully closed or loosely open your mouth, this is a solution worth trying out. Bonus: It also helps to create the plump pout effect.

5. Slowly Spin Until You Find the Best Light

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Finding the ideal light angle is an advantage that accounts for the best selfie you desire. Depending on the sun’s position, finding the correct light to match your tastes could turn your desires into either a simple task or a major portfolio. Slowly spinning until you find the best light is a way of overcoming the system devised by nature, as well as a solution to capturing the selfie that will dazzle.

6. Use LED Ring

Selfie LED Ring
One brilliant suggestion is to use a LED Ring Light for Selfie Smartphone Camera. With its anti-strength tempered glass that protects the camera and maintains the scratch-free appearance of your phone, this little handy device will help boost the light effect of your one-of-a-kind selfie.

We hope these tips have helped you in some way to capture the ideal facial expression, worthy of being your favorite selfie, ideal profile picture/most liked post, etc. Feel free to subscribe for more tips and advice on other trends. Toodles.

7. Edit brightness, contrast & saturation

After you have done some shots, pick the best one and go and edit it with your default editing option. Most of the modern smartphones have a default photo editing option. If yours doesn’t have one, you can find tons of really useful ones in your app store. Once you start editing, try playing with the brightness, the contrast and the saturation. In most of the cases, because your smartphone doesn’t have that big lens and can’t capture enough light, some photos might need additional light that you will add with this software. Eventually you will need more contrast and saturation.

This is it! Now time for selfies…go and take the best shots, share and enjoy. Don’t forget to tag us 🙂


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