5 tips to fully take advantage of your fitness tracker

5 Tips to Fully Take Advantage of Your Fitness Tracker

So, you’ve finally got yourself a Fitness Tracker. Whether you have just looked into some of our best fitness trackers list or paid more attention when opting for your best Tracking App, instead, we salute your choice and congratulate you on taking the first step towards building a healthier lifestyle.

Having such a device at your disposal makes recording your workouts and getting the most out of your training a simple task and enjoyable experience. It is important, though, to explore is wide range of features, and we invite you to look at some of the features that will pass your training on to the next level.

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#1 Set Training Goals

Fitness Tracking Goals

Keeping an eye on how much you walk, run, or perform other types of cardio can improve your motivation in a short manner. However, to maintain the momentum up assists in setting slowly but surely built on targets.

Using a Fitness Tracker makes it ridiculously easy for you to set and receive reminders of your goal/s while enjoying its ability to automatically measure your progress. Following these simple instructions will allow you to properly benefit from your technological investment.

  1. Open app;
  2. Tap Goal on the Home Page;
  3. Plug in the number of hours you plan on training for the week;
  4. Enjoy;

Many trackers can set targets and goals that are built into their software, which has the ability to affect your motivation by dynamically altering your step count. If not, you can stumble into different third-party apps, to do that for you.

#2 Get Competitive

stay motivated

One of the essential features when stepping up you training is to stay motivated by getting competitive. One sure way to achieve this task is by getting social and/or receiving feedback while on the move. With our Fitness Tracker by your side, you will receive a Voice Feedback, allowing you to set the app to note and report any combination of duration, distance, burnt calories, average pace or average speed.

With a variety of Fitness Trackers currently occupying the market, one can stumble upon a wide range of devices with different leader-board. Whether you choose to have leader-boards for friendly competition, or a device that opens you up to a leader-board of steps achieved, the idea of this device is to give you the power and motivation you need.

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#3 Check Your Diary Daily

Check your fitness diary

Having a data bank, such as your Diary, allows you to both store all of your hard workouts as well as to mine everything, including calories burned, duration and distance to performance comparisons between your workouts, maps and photos of your effort, and so much more.

#4 Log Your Food

Going hard on the training field is only a part of the puzzle when building a healthier lifestyle. To achieve your goals of owning a healthy body, you will also need to watch what you eat. Which is where our Fitness Tracker kicks in with its ability to make you make the right purchase for your healthy diet.

Sadly, the tracker cannot automatically perform this for you.

Should the software of your tracker lack the ability to help you choose your food wisely, then you can always turn to a third-party app, for example Calorie Counter, which has a database of over five million foods with nutritional info for all of them.

Adding your everyday meals allows you to keep track of calories and fat, as well as other nutritional intake, on a daily schedule. Just as tracking pushes you to be your best on the training field, food logging keeps you with well-informed on the healthy food you need to eat.

You needn’t be too exact about this, though. As already mentioned, the idea is to motivate you not push you on purpose. So, putting your best guess will always give you a far better feeling for what you eat, and that is a huge weapon in your arsenal.

#5 Share your Success and Make Every Bit Count

Share your success

There is probably no bigger feeling than sharing your progression and success with your friends, and hearing their words of encouragement. Just as a 5K is an important step towards achieving your goals, so is taking the stairs and not the elevator. Irrespective of the size of your progression, it is still an important feature that brings you one step closer to fulfilling your ideal goals. Regardless of the type or difficulty of your achieved targets, using a fitness tracker is a pro that will boost your motivation even further, and make your life a lot happier.

Share your achievements with friends, encourage others, and continue to step up your game. All fitness trackers on our site contains various features to help you kick your training into high gear, as well as to promote the healthy lifestyle among your friends and loved ones. If you still don’t own one, check these out:

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Let us know what you think, whether you have or haven’t tried this device out. Leave a comment in the section below, and we won’t hesitate to go through your personal opinion.

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