Strangest things the 11 weirdest gadgets from CES 2018

7 weirdest gadgets from CES 2018

As home to some of hottest pieces of modern technology, CES offers a fair amount of strange and yet wonderful gadgets that grace the show floor.

The CES experience comprises more than the terrifying humanoid robots and Alexa-equipped coffee cups, and here we will go through 11 of some of the weirdest and most wonderful pieces of modern technology.



Sometimes, the only place where you can spend some time away from the fast-paced 24/7 world, is on the throne, so you may as well make certain that it is a luxurious one.

On the market for some time now, Kohler’s high-end Numi toilets are a piece of technology that can be voice controlled, automatically opened and closed as you approach, and pre-heated exactly to your liking.

With a Kohler’s Verdera mirrors hooked up to your Amazon Echo at your disposal, you can play encouraging music through the built-in speakers while you do all the work necessary.



In addition to its sometimes uniquely creepy appearance, there is no doubt the tech behind the creation of this small domestic robotic device, also known as Kuri.

It looks innocent, at first site. Not only that, Kuri can also play music and podcasts for you. You can read it stories, and it will never get bored. Kuri will happily await your arrival, and welcome you home after a long day at work.

However, with its many pros come its strange cons. For example, Kuri can record you both soundly and visually while you are arguing over how to start the dishwasher properly. It can also silently watch as you get ready for bed. This expressionless robotic device can watch you slowly faint from a serious night with the boys/girls and the alcohol being the main guest of honor.

Didn’t see that one now, did you, Kuri?

3. Toyota E-Palette


With Toyota’s vision of producing a prototype as anything from a mobile Italian restaurant to a hotel on wheels, this autonomous pod functioning vehicle looks remarkably familiar.

You can actually see the company’s engineers’ latest auto work of art in the latest series of Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror where it’s a pizza delivery vehicle that gets involved in an unfortunate accident.

To top it all off, we hope this new and advanced technological assistant turns out to be a more safety-oriented vehicle than it is attractive in our minds.

4. Modius


There are many people who will go the extra mile to lose weight, stay fit and consistent with their healthy lifestyle. And there are those who prefer to make a little bit of effort to achieve their “healthy” goals. If you fall into the second category, then Modius is the gear you are looking for.

This innovative headgear uses electrical pulses on a part of the brain, that when stimulated, affects people’s appetite in an attempt for the efficient loss of body fat. The company says that you will feel the difference just by wearing it an hour a day.

Despite the fact that not everybody is convinced by its full efficiency due to lack of research, Modius’s abilities are not proven to be ineffective, either. Anything to stop the often dose of cake.

5. Foldimate


Despite the unbreakable bond you have with your friends, one thing is for sure – they won’t drop by to fold your clothes. In such “desperate” times, you can rely on the helping Foldimate.

This hefty piece of technology is capable of folding a wide assortment of apparel, bedroom accessories, and other fabrics up to 40 times in less than five minutes, making your folding days a thing of the past.

There are some creases that we need to underline, though. In addition to its size and unsightly look of a photocopier, this piece of technology is pretty much inept when it comes to folding your socks or unmentionables. Plus, its release date is delayed until the end of 2019.

6. Kodak Kodakcoin


As unexpected announcements go, Kodak creating its own Bitcoin-style cryptocurrency is up there with Red Bull launching a range of sleeping pills (which, just to be clear, it hasn’t done).

The idea behind KodakCoin is that it’ll be used to reimburse photographers who’ve had their images stolen, with accompanying software trawling the web for offending snaps, although experts doubt the effectiveness of the scheme.

The photographic company has also created its own Bitcoin mining rigs, which look a bit like the traps Venkman and co used to catch ghouls in the original Ghostbusters movie, and will make them available to rent for far less than mining at home would cost.

What’s next, Kodak? Sunglasses for dogs?

Image credit: @chrisbhoffman


selfly drone

Phone case with a selfie light not enough for you? How about one that doubles as a selfie-snapping drone?

AEE’s Selfly uses a built-in camera rather than the one on your phone (you need that to fly it with) and can shoot stills or 1080p/60fps video.

Four flip-out propellers help it hover for up to four minutes, although if you’ve remembered to bring the second battery you can double that if you’re struggling to nail the perfect shot.

Of course, if the drone’s taking the picture of you it’s technically no longer a selfie but let’s not get into that.

If you thought that a phone case with a selfie light wasn’t good enough, wait till you witness the double-selfie-snapping drone phone case.

Using a built-in camera instead of the one on your phone, AEE’s Selfly can shoot 1080p/60fps videos with flying colors.

Find some selfie drones on our site.


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